Not too shabby

I thing that Shabby chic is the most wonderful design concept – the idea that the appearance of age (of furniture) makes them considered to be more valuable.. I only wish we could implement this concept’s popularity to the world of beauty, it could have saved this planet a lot of botox..

This great ideabook in houzz presents different suggestions for this style, and it was very difficult to decide which one of them I will recollect for you. I chose two of my favorite looks. Let me know if you would like me to recollect any other rooms there.

I just love Black & White rooms. Their designs plays with patterns, and just a dash of color (like plants of flowers) will balance it. This room has a great Black&White look:

I was able to recollect it for $1280, here is how:


This is your shopping list:

Rug, ottoman, table lamp, armchair, coffee table, sofa, box,  bowl, chair, side table,

Chushion 1 and 2

There is also another cute ottoman, that wasn’t in the original design but I thought you might like with this look:


If you liked this design, you might like this eclectic design from a previous post.


The second room I collected for you is more subtle and quite.

Recollection was not very precise at this case, but I hope you would like my idea for this look as well:



Your shopping list:

Ottoman, armchair, vase, rug, coffee table, side table, sofa, cushion

Let me know what you think of shabby chic designs, appreciating old look and about botox (yes/no/why not?)


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