What is Caribbean chic??

I am not quite sure what Caribbean chic is, but I just love the happiness in this one, that was lately on Houzz. Furniture is a bit crazy, but I was able to find out pretty good matches in Target (unbelievable what you can find if you really look for it).

We were able to re-collect this room for $1570. We have some other ideas for loveseat + chair combinations that can take the price down to $1155. 


Your shopping list:

In Ikea:

Vase, frames, glass candlesticks, mirror, rug, and Cushion

In Target:

Bench, lamp, side tablecoffee table, armchair, and loveseat

We tried to play with the colors and patterns without changing the concept of this design. Here are three different combinations, that are also less expensive, choose the one that you like:


The upper combination is the same one that is in the shopping list

If you prefer the middle combination, here you can get it: loveseat + chair

And here is the lower combination: loveseat + chair


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