Old is the new new

I just saw this beautiful vintage living room on Houzz and tried to recollect it in a budget-sensitive way. Vintage is always challenging and can’t be easily found in the big department stores. I was able to find some amazing vintage sofas but obviously, they cost a fortune.. old must be the new new.


Finally, I was able to re-collect this room for about $2200. Here it’s how it was done:


Your shopping list:

In Ikea:

Armchair, coffee table, cushion, rug, lamp, and the cute plant

In Mydeco:

Sofa, drawer chest

You can find plenty of cheap vintage birdcages on ebay, here is one.

I’d be glad to get more tips of good places to shop for vintage furniture online – let me know if you have any good ideas.


One thought on “Old is the new new

  1. Nice, simple room, but too crowded. Your chest of drawers is the nicer of the two and you have excellent taste. I find many fine antiques amongst the dross in down-market “antique” (read second-hand) stores, but it takes time. So take the time – don’t settle for sad reproductions, unless you’re prepared to re-work them with paint, new handles, etc..

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